Casey Hornaday


NMLS# 222572

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My name is Casey Hornaday, and I have lived in Montana most of my life. I take tremendous pride in this wonderful state, trying each day to make a positive footprint. I currently live in the Bitterroot valley with my wife and our two children. As a family we enjoy rafting, fly-fishing, and exploring the mountain ranges we consider our back yard.

A mortgage loan is one of the most significant financial endeavors most of us will undertake. Whether it’s your first or a subsequent mortgage, helping you navigate smoothly through the process is my first priority. My goal is to always paint a clear picture of what to expect and communicate clearly and promptly when problem-solving is required. With more than 20 years locally in the mortgage industry, as both a loan officer and underwriter, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the loan process.